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Natural (Curly or Straight?)

Someone once said to me that I suffered from an identity crisis because I liked to go back and forth between curly and straight hair. You mean I have the option of choosing? I'd say that is a crisis I dont mind suffering from. ;P

A lot of people think that because your hair is natural it means you can only wear it curly and that is not nearly the case, I mean yes Curly is Natural yet if you Straighten it its still natural. My idea of being natural wearing what is naturally yours without any chemical process, Like if you are blonde because you are highlighted then you are not naturally blonde, is your hair still natural? Yes because its still your hair. Same for styling whether you wear your hair curly or straight it is still your hair your Naturally Curly Hair, there is no permanent change just a temporary physical one and if you do it with care it will cause your hair no more harm than over indulging on curly hair products and water.

So if you have the inclination to straighten your hair once in a while I'd say go for it just like when shopping for products find someone who will protect your curls.

I cut so that you have the option to do both, you should be happy with your hair curly or straight after dropping a good penny for a cut. I love my options and you should love your hair in any style.

These are curly girls who are switch it up all the time and still enjoy the beauty of both curly and straight natural.

Roller sets are really good to straighten your hair with no heat damage, also if you are going to use a flat iron or curling hot tools make sure hair is dry and that device isn't at its hottest because thats when most of the damage happens too much heat or tension when applying heat. Put your iron or hot toll at a lower heat it will still straighten and smooth your hair. Always go for less because less is more. And remember to moisturize your hair, hydration is always key.

Life is more enjoyable when you have options.

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